Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Phoenix as blog, or blog as phoenix, I don't know.

Due in large part to the election last night. This thing that sits here in it's small corner of the internets will continue I guess. Though, it's rebirth will be slow.

A "New" Direction?

This is my response to a celebratory political email I recieved today...
Donald Rumsfeld has "resigned". That is the ONLY victory I see hear. No Colorado resident should be patting themselves on the back. First though, the marijuana amendment. Actually, first, firstly, all of the following election results are from 9news in Denver and MSNBC, simply put, they are the best. They break things like this first and of all the talking head fools on my tv, there is less idiocy on these networks. The marijuana amendment lost by a 60% margin. At 9:00 p.m. last night when I returned from voting for three hours (nobody said democracy was fast) the marijuana amendment was losing by 62% already. Hillary Clinton won re-election in New York by a 60% margin. Arnold (Kindergarten Cop) Ican'tspellhislastname won his re-election for Governor of California by some 60 odd percent. That isn't close. That is really not close. Only in a world where George Bush calls a 51% majority a mandate can you call 40% close. Now then, on to amendment 42 about raising the minimum wage, which only won at 53%. Who the fuck are you 47%? Line up so I can smack you. I have heard that many of you who voted against it were unhappy that it would be an amendment, thereby making it harder to change in the event of a slump in the economy. Well, when you continue to elect little girls that take contributions from Wal-martesque employers that love money and not people, that's what you get. As far as your elected officials here in Colorado, Musgrave is a whore, a whore mongering whore. And you still couldn't beat her. I can't be blamed for this due to the fact that I am not in her district. Other than that, the Governor may be a democrat, but everbody under him is a republican. Secretary of State, a republican. Attorney General, a republican. State Treasurer, a 50-50 split. What did you win then? A government frozen in infighting? Now onto the one that really depressed me. The gay rights and marriage referendums. I lived in AZ for 6 years. Last night they rejected an amendment to their state constitution to limit marriage to one penis and one vagina. They are old retired white people there. Colorado however passed it. Now, I don't know the state constitution as well as I know the United States Constitution. But, when they tried to do that to the Constitution of the United States it died a swift and quick death. Nobody likes amending the Constitution especially when it would be the first time in the history of the United States that it has been done specifically to limit the rights of a group of people. A minority in fact that were it a race it would out number black americans. And apparently be the majority of the republican house. And a few preachers here in CO. But you didn't just do it once. You did it twice by not letting them even have domestic partnerships. What the fuck is with that? On 9news last night the news lady asked a professor from Metro State what this says about the people of Colorado. His reply was, "I don't think it says anything interesting about us". I do. It says "we hate fags". That is exactly what it says. You can sit here and bitch about wanting to carry weed around town and feel so proud about the (D) that comes after your congresspersons name. Not a great feat in a state where the price of that (D) comes with a lot of (R) in it. It will be much easier to legalize marijuana in the future than it will be to reverse that amendment. This has set the Colorado progressive movement back in to a dark age. So, while you have your victory parties, know this. There was a victory of democracy in the nation last night, but not in Colorado. In Colorado those victory parties were in the dark, much like the dark closet we told our gay neighbors to go back into instead of joining in the party. Which is a shame because the gay people were, of course, the party planners.