Thursday, March 29, 2007

KAVINSKY - Testarossa Autodrive

Now, I'm not really a music video guy. I don't really pay attention to them anymore. But, this song is awesome, but, I think it is only awesome in the context of the video. I tend to demand more than this from my electronic music. KAVINSKY is a zombie, from the eighties, sent here to drive fast, and drop mad beats. He is also touring with Daft Punk.


Outside A Sold Out Arcade Fire Show

Now, I have tried to like the Arcade Fire, and failed. I have the first album and I just can't get into it. But, many people do like them. And here is a funny short. Take note of the guy on the stoop. In my mind, that is Mark.

Sexual Consent

Speaking of having to sign contracts for sex (read the previous post). Here is a funny little thing.

That "My Bloody Valentine" Chick.

So, Tiffany here picks up a guy on the eve of Valentine's Day. He is promised some really crazy sex. Balls! He even had to sign a release form of sorts. Oh, how I would love sex so crazy, I had to sign a contract to get into it, ya know? So, uh, yeah, then she cut a huge gash in his leg and drank his blood. Alright, that's a twist. When the police arrived, they found her, the knives (plural) and a pick axe of sorts. Oh, and of course, the release form and a paperback copy of The Eighth Circle (I'll let you figure out what that book is probably gonna fucking entail). Now, why can't I find a girl like this? No, I joke. But, considering her middle name "lachelle" and certain previous experiences I have had with ladies, I have a new rule for dating based on this. Never date a girl that has a first, middle, or last name beginning in "La". Typically it's a french lineage thing. And, based on what I have noticed up to this point, that "La" makes you a crazy person. And, the story itself get's a little better even. She has a site, and blog devoted to her. The guy (of course, a guy) is trying, currently, to contact her via "chanelling powers". So, that'll go well.

NBC news story
East Valley Tribune news story
Site devoted to her
Blog devoted to her

Richard Jeni 1957-2007

There probably aren't too many people I know that would be able to pick out Richard Jeni in a group. But, I watched a lot of HBO when I was young. And I watched a great many one hour stand-up specials. And while many of the jokes were over my head, their were some comedians that I understood most of their material. Even though I was innocent to the sexual material, I got the toilet humor. And Richard Jeni's Platypus Man show imprinted itself on me. It is one of the great many things I saw as a kid, that I probably shouldn't have, that has shaped me into the person that I am. Now, while his last special on HBO was nothing special, it also wasn't anything to go feeding yourself a shotgun shell over. But, alas, that is how he decided to address his problems.

Richard Jeni's Wiki page

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I Must Be Emo

Alright, this is not the original video I was told about by over a year ago. But, I am truly not going through hundreds of the same-ish videos on YouTube to find it. And I am posting this because now that I have already had to get a YouTube account to post the previous one, there will be a lot more of this. I laughed at this when I didn't even understand what Emo was. But, I already knew Hawthorne Heights sucked. That much I was sure of. This video is used unironically in that news report previously posted here. I realized some time ago that I was emo in high school. But, back then we called it goth. And it was when Marilyn Manson was original(ish). Back before My Chemical Romance started stealing from his make-up case. It was when we were made fun of for not having been listening to Bauhaus in 1983 when we were three. That was before AFI stole Apoptygma's whole look and got new second generation versions of his vintage synth setup since they couldn't afford the originals. But, again, and I feel I have to respond to this because of what so many people say to me in public these days: I am not emo. Nope, I was me, before emo ever was. So really, emo is just copying me. So fuck off.

Friday, March 02, 2007

I Must Be Emo- News Report

I didn't think this video was going to be passed around as much as that Heidi chick I dated when I first saw it. But, after seeing it posted on every single music blog I read today, I decided to throw it up here for my own twisted sense of historic continuity. All I can say about this display of unintended satire in addition to the comments by the blogs that I link to at thte bottom here is this.... I need to cut my hair now.

The Modern Age