Monday, April 23, 2007

Pearl The Landlord

A rich, paid to be funny guy pretends to be a regular guy making a funny video for the internet. This would be sad and anger me with it's uselessness. Were it not for it being totally funny. I am still attempting to understand a great mystery of the universe that this video begs the question of. How is it that Will Ferrell successfully never made me laugh once during the whole of his 7 years on SNL, only to be funny in everything he does now? Is it possible that he was just fucking SNL the whole time by keeping these ideas to himself? He (his production company) started the Funny Or Die website for just such internet videos. And accordingly, has prevented YouTube from carrying it. So I have tried to embed it here from their site. But, it plays automatically. And so, as soon as it starts annoying me I am deleting it. But, the link below will remain for all to see.

Pearl The Landlord - Video
USA Today Story
TV Squad Story